Korra believed that Kuvira try a reduced girl whom undoubtedly wished so you can redeem herself immediately after visiting this lady during the prison

Korra believed that Kuvira try a reduced girl whom undoubtedly wished so you can redeem herself immediately after visiting this lady during the prison

Hiroshi Sato [ ]

Korra try convinced [17] After the team’s ask towards Sato residence, however, Korra started initially to think Hiroshi of working into Equalists whenever she known a call he had that have an unidentified individual following shutdown out of [19]

Hiroshi is sooner arrested and you will imprisoned, whether or not Korra stayed suspicious regarding your, quickly questioning his objectives whenever Asami indicated that he had called their once more three-years once she last noticed your. [23] However, when [49] Shortly after Hiroshi’s death, she deeply empathized that have Asami’s despair, apologizing toward suffering you to definitely Asami suffered into the invasion. [25]

Kuvira [ ]

Korra was reluctant to deal with step against [11] [46] No matter if she did not trust Kuvira’s statement out-of installing the fresh Environment Empire, Korra understood where in actuality the metalbender originated in, since Kuvira got forced to earn some tough decisions so you can balance the earth Empire due to Korra’s absence and you can she realized just what it decided for individuals feel angry because of a choice generated. [50] Korra’s admiration to have and you will sense of personal debt within address of the new metalbender made this lady unwilling to bring definitive step against the [46]

Inside a final conflict that have Kuvira, the two master benders fought on the level collectively, at some point resulting in a blow due to the fact large [25]

She spotted your metalbender are seeking to transform, however, was not totally easy, including when she publicly unnerved [27] [28] She recognized the woman admiration to possess Kuvira whenever she pled accountable while in the [29]

Raiko [ ]

After the [20] not, despite their disagreements and Raiko’s ineffectiveness, Korra refused to engage in Zaheer’s idea to overthrow most of the industry leadership, in addition to Raiko. [51]

Two weeks after the girl beat out-of Zaheer, Raiko formally asked Korra back again to Republic City, thanking this lady having finishing the Yellow Lotus and you can apologizing towards way the relationship had previously finished. [12] But not, Korra basically hated working with Raiko and you will is happier when Zhu Li try picked once the chairman within his stead. [27]

Tahno [ ]

Despite their continued animosity on additional, Korra considered sorry having Tahno immediately following Amon got pulled his bending out, and you will she readily accessible to rating Amon straight back for the their part. [19]

Enemies [ ]

Korra basic fulfilled Amon actually at a keen Equalist twoo desktop rally if you find yourself seeking to save your self Bolin. She and you may Mako sneaked on building concealed as the several and observed Amon giving his speech concerning the Equalist way. Korra is one another terrified and you will infuriated because of the Amon’s words and you may display screen off fuel. Shortly after she and you may Mako rescued Bolin, she temporarily assaulted the brand new [31]

Following this, Korra’s nervousness to the Amon triggered the lady to start that have nighting. Irrespective, she went on to deny the lady concern with Amon, forcing herself into psychological disbushed of the chi blockers and you may knocked involuntary. When she woke right up, Amon contacted the woman actually. Korra is scared he would definitely just take this lady twisting out, regardless of if the guy didn’t, stating that doing this carry out merely create their a good martyr. He shared with her which he got plans, hence he had been attending save yourself the lady to own past. Amon knocked Korra unconscious, and if she awoke, she bankrupt off when Tenzin showed up. [17]

Hou-Ting [ ]

Korra, believing Hou-Ting manage start information regarding [22] Its 1st dislike of just one some other simply intense when Korra discover that Hou-Ting had not simply put the lady to own extorting their subjects and you can lied regarding the there becoming zero airbenders into the Ba Sing Se but got already been secretly arresting and you can studies them to setting the girl own personal airbending armed forces. Ignoring the latest queen’s threat that she’d happen down to your whole you are going to of Earth Empire on her, Korra along with her family members freed the brand new grabbed airbenders and you can transported her or him outside of the Environment Kingdom financial support into Northern Heavens Temple, [52] a task you to provided the fresh new Queen in order to thing wanted prints facing Korra additionally the remainder of People Avatar getting “criminal activities from the Kingdom”. Regardless if Korra is livid in regards to the Queen’s steps, she however disagreed that have Zaheer’s belief you to management such as for instance the girl expected are got rid of. [51] Despite the lady opposition of one’s king, Korra try truly shocked to discover that Zaheer had slain the girl. [53]

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