The guy does not have any sex that frequently since he’s got a tiny cock

The guy does not have any sex that frequently since he’s got a tiny cock

He hangs out having discerning, rich individuals. Expand a mind. gay people learned off a young age to maintain their lips shut so there organization to on their own. I always think he turned into Hamels partner because Hamel was blackmailing him. Video footage probably.

They are a highly respectful individual, food everyone sweet, and that’s an excellent tipper. Not one person keeps some thing bad to express about him given that he doesn’t give them things crappy to say. He’s very generous, stories regarding exactly how the guy skilled more than 31 Harleys so you can stunt team to the Matrix. He’d need shell out incisions thus big names are rented instance Al Pacino from the Devil’s Endorse and Gene Hackman in the one to recreations flick.

a reddit poster “A household pal generates flick establishes, cannot framework, is among the terrible dudes that simply makes. Anyhow, the guy worked tirelessly on brand new set for the new Matrix and you can Keanu read in the household members dilemmas he was that have and you will provided him an effective $20,000 Christmas time extra to aid your aside. The guy also are among the only anyone into lay you to definitely certainly planned to understand individuals labels, would say hello and you may imply it, and you can manage keep in touch with individuals because they was indeed his colleagues and you will perhaps not below him even though they certainly were around to make absolutely nothing to build a-flat. I have never read anybody state Keanu are douche, appears to be the newest nicest member of Movie industry out of a second hand feel.”

R134 that’s charming

Yeah, I know he had been correct under the bed when they were fucking. And in new physician’s office once they got its combined circumcisions.

I must say, it appears to be extremely unlikely you to a person boy would voluntarily get themselves circumsized. Even though you don’t like the anteater lookup, almost always there is a threat–yet not quick–one anything could go incorrect. Consider that bad guy in the Canada, exactly who ultimately slain themselves.

Dad are circumsized when he went with the solution. (It was an eternity ago.) And i do know one cute young Irish kid that has the brand new process as he are sixteen, once the he noticed strange as being the merely uncut son as much as.

However, who in the world should do you to definitely? Adopting the clipped, you will be designed to n’t have an erection to have six weeks. Like, Exactly what? Just how?

113 feedback and you can many years afterwards and now we continue to have no good evidence with the their sexual preference? Rating inside DL.

He dabbled that have boys until he fucked myself and we also got strung from H. He’s got already been upright previously ssince, kid.

Keanu “try a beneficial riddle, wrapped in a secret, into the a keen enigma; but can there be a switch. or in other words an excellent KEANU!”

We have read straight people say they had “go homosexual” getting Keanu

The latest tales regarding the him are extremely coming in contact with. I’ve always imagine he was breathtaking and i inquire now when the maybe one thing out of his sweetness is reflected inside the deal with and you can is part of his attraction.

One impulse because myspace thread are somebody who claims their meth dealer found Keanu and you will got large having your. We look after you to definitely blind item on K stinking upwards their truck so bad they necessary a whole renovate is Keanu (and you will buddies) puffing meth inside it.

Maybe not upright and certainly not dull. You can repeat that over as well as once more but it’s definitely not genuine.

When the Canada offered aside knighthoods he’d get one. Unnecessary nice tales in the him regarding average folks. Really don’t think it’s an act given that we know he could be perhaps not a star. I really don’t care and attention in the event that he had been an effective druggie otherwise a whore, looks like a nice, it’s chill star which is rare. Together with appears and you may focus, I would feel a whore as well. He however did not bang Bret Easton Ellis, although, Really don’t envision Keanu best hookup bar San Antonio are for the pretentious twats. The amount of self loathing needed to sleep Bret. ewwww

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